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SHIDAI MARINE En-Green is a premium kelp fertilizer derived from farm-raised Laminaria japonica Kelp through our patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology. The product is rich in kelp fibers, giving it a dark green color. Kelp fibers, algal polysaccharides, sodium alginate, and enzymes in the product will significantly improve the soil. Natural plant hormones contained in En-Green makes it an excellent growth enhancer for developing stronger roots. This product also comes in two types; PURE and PLUS. PURE is organic certified and approved by ECOCERT (application pending for OMRI and CDFA Organic in USA ). PLUS has an added N-P-K to fortify its potency.

You can count on SHIDAI MARINE En-Green for:

Encouraging root initiation

Improving fruit quality

Increasing tolerance to adverse environmental conditions

Enhancing soil microbial activity and water retention capacity


Application methods:

SHIDAI MARINE En-Green can be applied through furrow application, soil drench and pivot irrigation system. However, due to the high kelp fiber content, this product may not be suitable for foliar application and drip irrigation.

En-Green is also generally compatible with a wide range of products. However, please note that it is not compatible with emulsifiable concentrates and ionic state calcium. A jar test should be done prior to mixing any other products with En-Green. Once diluted it should be used within 24 hours.

Application methodComments and dosageDilution rate
Pivot irrigationApplied throughout irrigation run, use 5-8 gallons(20L to 30L) diluted for every 100m2 of irrigation.1:300-500
Soil drenchEn-Green can be applied as soil drench around the root base of plants or seedbeds1:300-500
In-furrow applicationSHIDAI MARINE En-Green can be used as an alternative to dipping. It can be used to spray potato seeds at a rate of 0.5 gal./acre(5L/ha) directly in the furrow with planter.
Root soakBare roots from trees or plants can be soaked in solution of 0.5%-1% before planting.
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