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SHIDAI MARINE dedicates ourselves to exploring the energy in seaweed. Not only crop yield matters but also fruit quality and plant resistance are our concern.


Release Seaweed Energy Maximumly

Patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology has been developed with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. This technology degrades the cell wall of seaweed and releases the intracellular nutrients and active ingredients by the effect of compound enzyme. No damage for the seaweed active ingredients and zero pollution for final fertilizer products. SHIDAI MARINE has won 4 China patents based on this technology.

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Laminaria Japonica Kelp

Laminaria Japonica Kelp is an important daily food in East Asia, and it is called “the king of seaweed”.
This special species can grow to 5 meters in three and half months and contains rich unique active ingredients. Moreover, SHIDAI MARINE owns 1000 hectares kelp farming base and has been cultivating kelp for over 20 years. Outstanding products performance is ensured from the source.


Flagship En-Gold En-Green Features

Extensive trials and practical application show that SHIDAI MARINE Liquid Kelp Extract has excellent effects on improving fruit quality

Extensive trials and practical application shows that SHIDAI MARINE Liquid Kelp Extract has excellent effects on improving fruit quality

LJ KELP丰富的内涵使之能够有效地调节并促进植物的生长发育,进而提高作物产量与品质,为农民带来可持续的长久收益。

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Source Control

SHIDAI MARINE kelp cultivation base is in Rongcheng Bay where the kuril cold and the Kuroshio meet. Because of the current, the water contains rich nutrients. It is one of the best water area to grow kelp. During the period of kelp growth, no fertilizer or any other chemicals using, completely natural operation way, to ensure the product quality from the source.

Patented Technology

SHIDAI MARINE developed enzymatic hydrolysis technology to extract kelp. This technology works under low temperature to degrade the cell wall of kelp and release the intracellular nutrients. After many years’ research and development, SHIDAI MARINE’s team so far can keep the extraction rate at around 85%. 4 patents have obtained.

Global Market

After 5 years concentrating on China domestic market, SHIDAI MARINE’s products have been helping a lot of farmers and plantations to increase crop yield and improve fruit quality. Since 2016, SHIDAI MARINE started to face the international market. We are willing to work together with partners from around the world to let more growers to experience the amazing returns that pure kelp bring.

“The King of Seaweed”
Laminaria Japonica Kelp

Choosing the right seaweed species is the first step and an important step to produce a good seaweed fertilizer product. SHIDAI MARINE has been being thankful to have the excellent kelp resource since 1996. 1,000 hectares water area is mainly used to farm Laminaria Japonica Kelp. The annual output is about 200,000 tons of fresh kelp. Not only farming kelp but also we improve and breed new varieties of Laminaria Japonica Kelp. Read more


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