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Premier Enzymatic Hydrolysis Kelp Fertilizer Manufacturer

Shidai Marine Biotechnology is headquartered in Rongcheng, Shandong Province. Our production facilities spans more than 35,000 square feet, with more than 300 sets of production equipment, of which more than 85% custom-designed. Furthermore, Shidai Marine owns 2,500 acres of kelp farms, allowing us to directly control the quality of our raw material. We dedicate ourselves to improving plant potential and fruit quality by extracting the pure kelp essence. We have mastered the process of our patented “Low Temperature Cell Wall Degradation Technology”. As a result, our products have more active kelp ingredients and nutrients. Our annual output of liquid kelp fertilizer reaches 50,000 tons. Consumers and the environment will benefit from the natural energy of our pure organic kelp fertilizer.


Development and Innovation

Shidai Marine believes that continuous innovation is at the heart of a manufacturing enterprise. To achieve that goal, we have built a kelp application research team, led by doctoral supervisor Dr. Shuqing Zhang. Shidai Marine is also collaborating with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jiangnan University, and Dalian Ocean University, focusing on the research and development of modern kelp biotechnology. So far, we have obtain four patents for our innovation efforts.

Kelp Bio-energy

Laminaria japonica Kelp is an advanced cold-water algae species. It appears dark brown due to its high lutein content. This species grows at an incredible rate - up to 16 feet in three months. The content of nutrients and active ingredients is much higher than other algae. This species contains a full spectrum of mineral elements, rich natural plant hormones such as betaine and phenolic compounds, active ingredients, and organic nutrients such as mannitol, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. It also contains dozens of inorganic nutrients such as iodine, iron, barium, and selenium, and cytokinins and auxins. All of these kelp nutrients are readily absorbed and utilized by terrestrial plants.

In Laminaria japonica Kelp, we have found five natural plant hormones. These active ingredients include mannitol, algal polysaccharides and polyphenols, and the unique ingredient ~ Laminarin.

Laminaria japonica Kelp contains rich nutrition integration. Shidai Marine Liquid Kelp Fertilizer can help plant to build strong root systems and promote absorption and utilization of nutrients, water and air; enlarge the bundle sheath cell of plant stems; speed up the transportation of water, nutrients and photosynthetic products; promote plant cell division, delay cell senescence, increase the content of chlorophyll, and effectively promote photosynthesis; increase yield and improve fruit quality; enhance stress resistance ability such as combating drought, cold and disease; improve soil conditioning and water retention capacity.





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