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Hydrolysis Technology

After washing off inorganic impurities, fresh kelp is cut and processed in a proprietary system invented and patented by SHIDAI MARINE. The kelp then undergoes a specially controlled enzymolysis treatment where intracellular nutrients are released by bio-enzyme catalysis. The whole process occurs under low temperature to preserve the kelp's natural beneficial nutrients. This bio-enzymatic hydrolysis technology results in a product with unique beautiful golden color which we call “Enzymolysis Gold”.  


Low Temperature Cell Wall Degradation

Under the action of the compound enzyme, microorganisms naturally degrade cellulose, phycocolloid, and other nutrients inside the kelp cell at low temperature. Active kelp ingredients are intactly reserved. The ingredients are broken down from macromolecules to micromolecules, which are easier for plants to absorb from the kelp. Moreover, the bio-enzymes within the products can enhance the performance of Shidai Marine Liquid Kelp Fertilizer.

Top-quality raw material

Using 100% whole fresh farm-raised
Laminaria Japonica Kelp.

Advanced extraction technology

Patented bio-enzymatic hydrolysis
technology can achieve 85% extraction rate.

Ecological functional products

No synthetic plant hormones added.
Advocating kelp nutrition variety and biological activity.



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