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Using the latest technology and best sustainable farming practices since 1968, SHIDAI MARINE has dedicated itself in harnessing the potential uses of kelp not only in improving crop quality and plant health but also helping in revitalizing the soil nutrients. Our product provides only nature-friendly nourishment without any of the harmful effects caused by repeated use of traditional chemical fertilizers.


Release Seaweed Energy Maximumly

Shidai Marine, in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has developed a patented enzymatic hydrolysis technology. This system breaks down the kelp cell wall using a compound enzyme, which releases the intracellular nutrients and other active ingredients WITHOUT removing or degrading the kelp’s full active ingredients, nutrients and potency. Shidai Marine has been awarded four patents based on this technology.

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Laminaria Japonica Kelp

Choosing the right sustainable kelp species, farming in a good location, harvesting at the right time, and processing at the source are very important factors in producing an excellent kelp fertilizer product.  
Known as the “King of Kelp,” Laminaria japonica can grow 16 feet in just three months.  In addition, it has one of the highest nutrient contents when compared to other kelp and algae sources.  
Growing kelp since 1968, our company has adopted a fully organic and sustainable farming practice on our more than 2500-acre open water farm. No fertilizer are used during the growth of our kelp, allowing the kelp to fully absorb and concentrate the natural nutrients in the rich ocean currents. Our kelp is harvested and processed from April to August every year when the ocean water carries the highest nutrient levels. Our processing plant is located very near the coast to ensure the highest freshness.


Flagship En-Gold En-Green Features

Extensive trials and practical application shows that Shidai Marine Liquid Kelp Fertilizer has excellent effects on improving fruit size, color, sweetness, and yield. Pure golden liquid, good for foliar spray application.

Extensive trials and practical application shows that Generation Marine Liquid Kelp Fertilizer has excellent effects on improving fruit size, color, sweetness, and yield. Green liquid rich in natural kelp fiber, good for soil application.

LJ KELP丰富的内涵使之能够有效地调节并促进植物的生长发育,进而提高作物产量与品质,为农民带来可持续的长久收益。

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Source Control

The Shidai Marine kelp cultivation farm is located in Rongcheng Bay where the Kuril Cold Current meets the Kuroshio Current. The water at this convergence is rich in nutrients, and is one of the best areas to grow kelp in the world. No chemicals or fertilizers are added during the growth of our kelp, ensuring a premium organic product.

Patented Technology

Shidai Marine has developed the enzymatic hydrolysis technology to extract nutrients from our kelp. This technology works under low temperature to break down the cell wall of the kelp and to release the intracellular bioactive nutrients. After many years of research and development, Shidai Marine has built a production facilities with 85% proprietary-design equipment, with 4 patents received.

Global Market

Shidai Marine spent it’s first five years concentrating on China’s domestic market, helping countless farmers and growers increase crop quality and yield. Shidai Marine has been introduced to the international market, including Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Europe, and Australia. We are excited to work with partners from around the world to let more people experience the outstanding benefits that pure kelp brings.

“The King of Seaweed”
Laminaria Japonica Kelp

Choosing the right seaweed species is the first step and an important step to produce a good seaweed fertilizer product. SHIDAI MARINE has been being thankful to have the excellent kelp resource since 1996. 1,000 hectares water area is mainly used to farm Laminaria Japonica Kelp. The annual output is about 200,000 tons of fresh kelp. Not only farming kelp but also we improve and breed new varieties of Laminaria Japonica Kelp.

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